About Rebecca M. Lewis, AuD, PhD

I am a clinician-scientist who strives to bridge between clinical audiologists and auditory neuroscience researchers to make relevant advances in research and clinical care.

As a clinician, I aim to help you and your loved ones hear better today through audiology clinical services using advanced clinical technologies to customize each patient’s hearing healthcare experience.

As a scientist, I work to improve these clinical services through innovative research that leverages my clinical knowledge to ensure research is focused on how we can best improve the lives of those with hearing loss and tinnitus.

My training has brought me through several respected centers of auditory research and clinical care, including my dual-doctoral (AuD/PhD) training at the University of Washington, research training at the renowned Eaton Peabody Laboratories, clinical service at the largest audiology department in the United States, and now the leading center for military research and clinical care — Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. I continue to work to advance hearing health care and ultimately improve communication and quality of life for audiology patients. My diverse research experiences allow me to develop grants, protocols, and primary research articles to further our knowledge, catalog it appropriately in scientific literature, and present it to the public. I excel at the intersection of audiology and auditory neuroscience and work to ensure these research and clinical pursuits inform one another.

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